Practice Areas

Professional Liability

Once focused on classic “professions” such as accountants, lawyers, and architects & engineers, the rise of the service economy has expanded to become more complex and diverse than ever before.  As the professional marketplace has expanded, so too has the challenge of affording insurance coverage to the risks presented.  Skarzynski Marick’s Professional Liability group assists those insurers who have stepped to the fore to cover not only those traditional professions, but trust fiduciaries, mutual funds, investment advisers, bankers, insurance companies, agents and brokers, technology companies, advertising and marketing agencies, school boards, police forces and public officials as well.
With a deep understanding of the business environment across these sectors, our assistance is broad ranging.  Whether drafting and tailoring the policy language itself, addressing insurance regulatory concerns, or using our decades of experience to assess the implications of claim submissions, we work with our clients and – when appropriate – the insured to find the right solution, quickly and inexpensively. 
While we have a broad experience across many professional liability lines, our team has particular expertise in:
  • Employment Practices Liability 
  • Accountants Liability
  • ERISA/Trust Fiduciary
  • Insurance Company Professional Liability
  • Healthcare Liability and Managed Care Liability
  • Marketing, Advertising and Direct Sales Liability                                                                      
  • Mutual Fund and Investment Advisers Liability
  • Private Equity Liability
  • Representations & Warranties
  • Condominium and Cooperative Liability
  • Public Officials, Schools and Police Liability